TakeVAT Strikes Again

TakeVAT, Have struck again. This morning we “subvertised” an advertising billboard on a busy South London street, as part of our campaign highlighting the fact that the aviation industry pays no VAT.

The aviation industry pays no VAT.  Officially.  There is no VAT charged on airline tickets or the purchase of aircraft, despite being “luxury goods” which VAT is designed to tax .  It is simply unfair that one of the dirtiest and noisiest industries in the world pays no VAT when it has gone up to 20% for all of us and for the rest of business and industry.

We pay.  Why don’t they?

But it is even worse than this.  The aviation industry pays no tax on its fuel either, yet we pay it on petrol.  These tax-breaks cost the country £10 billion a year.  The person on an average wage forks out an extra £500 a year in taxes to pay for this.  These tax breaks do help keep air fares lower but it is the rich who benefit most from this as, by a huge margin, they take the majority of flights.  These tax-breaks mean the poor pay higher taxes to subsidise the flying habits of the rich.

we are not alone in making this demand.  All over Europe Aviation campaigners are calling for these tax-breaks to be stopped.  And there are some signs that governments, desperate for money in a recession, are beginning to listen.  But the lobbying power of the aviation industry is immense.  We need to keep up the pressure.

We pay.  Why don’t they?

Speaking on behalf of the group, Cameron said, “When VAT has just gone up to 20% for the rest of us, it is unfair that one of the dirtiest and noisiest industries in the world doesn’t pay any.”

TakeVAT have come out of the direct action group Plane Stupid.  Keep following the twitter and checking the blog for more mass actions such as Heathrow 12/02/2011 soon.

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If you like UKUncut you will love us. Were Take VAT a mass action group focusing on the injustice of VAT. VAT hurts us not rich tax dogging, companies. We say tax should increase on the companies who currently AVIOD huge amounts of tax despite being the most able to pay it.
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  1. chris says:

    Shouldn’t it be:

    “They dont pay VAT, why should we?”

  2. Arianna says:

    Thanks a lot for trying to explain the terminlogy to the learners!

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