Look, Cameron Cash: Did you get some?

Oxford street was a wash with Cameron Cash on March 26th as Take Vat were giving it away! Like David Cameron’s prommisis its worthless but its the thought that counts, right?

Cameron Cash is unique in that not only do you now hake a picture of David Cameron in your poket to do as you will to, the Back is packed with our meesage, We Pay Why don’t They?

on the back they read

Aviation pays NO VAT and NO fuel duty.  It costs the public £10 Billion a year.

Another example of how our tax system is benefitting the rich at the expense of the poor. If aviation were to pay VAT and fuel duty the person on an average wage would be £500 better off

The people who benefit most from these tax-breaks are the richest 10% who fly 6 to 7 times a year.

These tax-breaks are unfair and drain money away from the public purse.

They amount to over 20% of the austerity cuts the Government wants to make

Today we are faced with higher fuel tax, more expensive public transport and cuts to vital public services.

This Tax regime has got to stop. TakeVAT

We pay, Why don’t they?

Incase you hadn’t realised we love subvertising tweet us with your VAT subvertising ideas. or even do your own and tweet the result @TakeVAT

About takevat20

If you like UKUncut you will love us. Were Take VAT a mass action group focusing on the injustice of VAT. VAT hurts us not rich tax dogging, companies. We say tax should increase on the companies who currently AVIOD huge amounts of tax despite being the most able to pay it.
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  1. jbs says:

    u lot got a vicarious mention in a tremendously rightwing writeup in ze independent – “Fake £50 notes with pictures of David Cameron on them were wedged into shelves of chocolate eggs, apparently an attack on the tax system for benefiting the rich.”


    also plzzz sort out typos in this article, otherwise splendid work folks keep it up

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